Shree Marutinandan Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

We believe in delighting our customers with every interface they have with us, this platform is launched to enable transparency in our operations and build trust with our extended Marutinandan Family.
Mobile Application
  • In the era of evolving technology where everyday we see services are delivered on mobile platforms, we have also made an effort to stay up to date and have launched our mobile application as part of this ecosystem. This mobile is one stop solution for all your needs with just few clicks. Experience transparency & technology with Marutinandan. Here is what you can do.
  • Medicine Search by name or by company, view schemes , MRP, Sale rate, Stock availability.
  • Order medicines from the application.
  • View all the orders placed from the application.
  • Check all the invoices finalized from those application orders.
  • View entire invoice lifecycle right from Order submission to Delivered with details of dispatch and respective invoices.
  • Complaints Management [Submit / View complaints]
  • View Ledger , monthly statements, download them right from the mobile application.
  • View customer expiry return settlement, Sale return settlement.
  • Contact less OTP based payment collection solution to provide better transparency to cash transactions.
Automated alerts
  • As part of achieving transparency in our operations, we have enabled various types of text alerts to provide better view into various activities.
  • Welcome message with login details & app link
  • Daily sale alerts.
  • Sale/ Expiry return settlements
  • Cash received alerts
  • Delivery notifications
  • COVID Related Changes
Contact less OTP based delivery
  • COVID situation has made us think through how we can make our interface with you as contact less as possible. We have launched OTP based delivery during which you don’t need to sign a paper and do any handoff with our delivery boy.
  • Just provide the OTP to our delivery boy when your medicines are being delivered and you are done, the delivery is complete
  • Monthly statements are now sent to our customers on an email, instead of sending the hard copy every time
  • The statements are sent in the first 3 days of the month to our customers for quick settlements.
  • Get your email ID updated if not yet done
Automated invoice change notifications to customers
  • While we try our best to meet customer needs as much as possible and fulfill all your medicine requirements, there may be situations when there are possible changes to the invoices.
  • You get notified once your invoice gets finalized and alerts are sent to you for each medicine where either is was taken out from the invoice or the qty has changed.
  • We want to inform you as early as possible so that you can make necessary arrangements from other distributors.